My friend had their newborn baby Angel baptized last December and the reception was held in Sugarland Hotel in Bacolod City. Since some of our friends are living outside Bacolod like us, we decided to stay in this hotel overnight since we still have dinner and get together after the reception. Although this was not my first time to stay and try some rooms, it is still for the long period of time since the last one. Maybe it’s been four years ago. We don’t know if some renovations have  already been done.

Regular rooms still looks new and comfortable although it is not as big compared to some rooms we stayed in Metro Manila hotels. Single bed is really for one person’s use only. There are no tv wall mounts and the hotel is still using 21 inches type and not flat screen TV. Although there’s a free wifi in all of the rooms, the signal, however, seems not good in our room. Breakfast buffet is so limited and it is comparable to a set meal. We are so sad along with the others who are not eating pork for you will only have fried fish and egg in the morning. But overall, I didn’t have high expectations of this hotel anyway and the smiling staff makes you say you somehow get a nice stay.