Gawahon Falls – Place to See in Victorias City, Negros Occidental

My cousin posted some pictures to her Friendster account where it was taken in Gawahon Falls in Victorias City, Negros Occcidental. This is the Seven Natural Falls of Gawahon, located at Barangay XI. It’s been three years that I never been home in Negros Occidental. During my last visit there, this was still under develop. But now you will already see the beauty of the falls from those pictures taken and from those stories they told me. Gawahon falls must really be a nice place to see.


With this tourism development in Victorias, the city has a great potential as a major tourist attractions of Negros Occidental, too. Beautiful man-made rice terraces may also be seen aside from those beautiful pools the city has developed.

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According to them, the only problem this time is the not so fully developed road but the works are on-going now. SUV vehicles are needed since it is located in the mountains of Victorias.


I can’t really wait to see the crystal clear falls and the beauty of the nature surrounding the falls. This is one place to visit in Negros Occidental aside from new beautiful resort that is already existing in my beloved province.

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  1. for gawahon resort inquiries please call (034) 399-3459 and look for Ms. Jonalyn for booking.

    please dont call numbers listed below as they are all wrong numbers.

    for all inquiry about the accommodation please call:
    Victorias City Tourism office

    63 (034) 461-0199

    63 (034) 461-0147

    63 (034) 461-0164

    63 (034) 461-0874

    note: is not an official site of victorias and contact numbers listed there are all wrong numbers. They are on the process of sending the webmaster a complaint as it gives misleading info in its contact page.

    thank you

    (please delete my first post as it has some errors on my url..thank you)

  2. Gawahon is a very relaxing place & safe. Climbing to different falls is exhillarating but worth it. You can go right at the falls and feel the current and feel like a thousand hands are massaging your whole body.Last year I went there,the road is being fixed and half way finished. The cottages are very neat and clean though a mile away from the falls. There’s a big swimming pools near the cottages with the water coming from the falls. With regards to transportation there’s a public jeepneys but I’m not sure how many trip they have on day time. Come and visit Gawahon falls.

  3. Gawahon is a beautiful, relaxing and safe place. Climbing to different levels of falls is exhillating but worth it. As you get into the waterfalls you can really feel the current & vibrations as like a thousand hands are massaging your whole body. There’s a public transportation though it’s not so many trips a day. The road is paved and not bad and half way nearly finished. There’s also cottages though a mile away from the falls.

  4. I went there last Nov 2009. The place is really nice and relaxing. I just reached the first fall though, and there was a construction of a the end part of the road-looks like widening it for safe maneuvering of vehicles. The cabanas looks great. I was just surprise that only one lane of the road was concreted up to the Resort. Was it really intended to be that way? The safety of the motorist/resort goers is somewhat taken for granted especially in a curved uphill portion of the roadway. I hope the person in charge of this project should take into consideration also the safety of the resort goers so that people will think of going back and forth to the resort.

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