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On my first visit here, I actually thought I was in a European café due to its store interiors and music. Until I came closer to the menu board and saw that it offers Hainanese chicken, nasi goring, kaya toast (with 2 boiled eggs on the sides), hot chocolate with tablea cocoa, and the crew prepared coffee by including condensed milk instead of sugar. Hmmm….. if this is not Asian, then I don’t know where else I am.

More on Toast Box Philippines here

It’s a good thing that Jupiter St. in Bel Air does not seem to run out of something really interesting, as far as eating out is concerned. On the 20th of this street, at the corner of Antares St., is a Pakistani & Continental Cuisine called Kabab & Curry, a casual restaurant that claims to serve what’s authentic, halal and organic vegetables.

More on Kabab and CurryAuthentic Pakistani and continental Restaurant in Makati by Side Tripper here.

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  • Living on Minimalism

    Since we transferred to a new house, my wife and I have agreed to live a simple and minimalist lifestyle. We buy only things or furniture that we really need, and we discard those that are no longer useful. We just realized that after two or three years since we transferred here, things have become crowded again even though we have disposed a lot of things and refrained from buying anything new. But still, we just noticed that some things are have been piling up. We don’t buy  new kitchen utensils but  we already need a kitchen cabinet organizer. We need another day or two just to sort things out again and just to set aside those things that are not needed anymore.

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  • Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

    When eating out becomes a way of life that is no longer limited to the upper echelon of society, restaurants, fastfood and other eating places now find themselves in a vast opportunity to grab the largest possible share of the stomach. More on Sarsa here.

    Sarsa Kitchen + Bar Menu:

    Sarsa Address in Fort Boni here

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  • Last holiday my wife and I decided to have another thrill adventure. We didn’t really plan to stay overnight apart from to visit Tagaytay to discover new restaurants and places to stay. We just decided to pack things for over night in case we will discover something exciting.

    We told ourselves that almost all of the hotels would be fully booked since it’s a long holiday during that time. We did not even bothered to try any place in Tagaytay and headed further to Batangas instead and see some of the resorts that we saw in the internet. But due to the traffic congestion at that time that we were in Tagaytay, we decided to have our lunch there before going straight to Batangas and it was 2:00 pm already when we left Tagaytay.

    Evercrest Golf club and resort update

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  • Travel and Food Website

    This is not about another tech or product reviews. Nor is this your usual site of reviews that can be found wholesale handbags and purses, but this about a new travel website that will talk about our experiences beyond the usual things that happened during a trip. As we believe that sometimes an unplanned trip or travel is the most exciting one. Hopefully we could give answers to those questions you will ask if you are planning to visit a certain place, the taste of food you wanted to eat in a restaurant and how to get there.

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  • Summer Vacation – Places to See

    There are a few weeks to go before summer vacation and school break ends. I am sure many are planning for possible places to see during vacation. Although we already planned what will be our schedule this coming school break, we are still open for other outing or road trip. Aside from a voice or guitar lesson for our son, hopefully he can play classic baritone after that lesson. Summer and school vacation is also the time for circumcisions for male kids.

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