Summer Vacation – Places to See

There are a few weeks to go before summer vacation and school break ends. I am sure many are planning for possible places to see during vacation. Although we already planned what will be our schedule this coming school break, we are still open for other outing or road trip. Aside from a voice or guitar lesson for our son, hopefully he can play classic baritone after that lesson. Summer and school vacation is also the time for circumcisions for male kids.

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  • New High End Bars

    There are a lot of new places to check out for when you are in Makati or Fort Bonifacio area. There are not just those new attractions, restaurants and stores but also high end bars that are coming out. There are places that are conducive for chilling out and relaxing after a busy day at work or week of usual job routine. For me I love to see and stay in those bars that can make me relax rather that those bars with noisy music or sounds. Manageable mellow music is also good, but you can still hear each other while talking. Good DJs with great pioneer dj mixers, comfortable couch or chairs and spacious area would be a good mix.

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  • While a lot of people feel shocked about an incident that involved an alleged attempted rape, extortion and mauling a comedian Vhong Navarro, I was busy searching for a place for long drive. While the controversial news is  like a cv-900 amplifier at musicians friend that exploded in news and media couple of days ago, I was busy searching for quiet long roads where eventually, I can spend the night somewhere up north, such as the Free Port Zone in Zambales for instance. It has been almost 10 years ago since we visited this place and hopefully we can find a better place to stay with better deals and discounts especially during holidays and normal days.

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  • Benefits of Sex

    I was surprised to find out that sex can give people health benefits. According to WebMD, there are 10 surprisingly benefits of sex. Some are as follows: that it helps you boost your immune system, improves women’s bladder control, lower blood pressure, and it also serve as your exercise. It was found that sex can also lower heart attack rates, lessen your pain, improve your sleep and ease your stress. But before doing that, please ensure that you marry your partner first. Even a simple wedding with a scott kay cobaltt wedding ring will do. Adultery and fornication can be lethal to your spiritual health.

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  • Car Customizer – Shop

    I was following Facebook accounts and websites of some top car customizers in the Metro Manila. All I can say is that we can also do what some American car customizers do. Even with a little budget. We can fabricate whatever we want to fabricate even with used fabrication equipment. Everything can be customized now, depending on how much budget you can afford. Just lay it down to them and see what they can do.

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  • Vacation hangover

    Are you still having some day dreaming and still thinking of those happy memories you have during a long vacation break? I am sure some of you often feel angry or have resentment because of the feeling of pain in returning to the reality of life. I am sure you missed sleeping and waking up without the nuance of alarm clock sound. The softness of your bed, the hugging of your pillow even when the sun already sets. Now you are about to be late especially with the cold weather every morning. Try not to click here because you will miss more your bed. Just wait another year for another long break.

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  • Vacation

    While a lot of Filipinos are now are on vacation, there are also lots of people who are coming home in their respective hometowns. Some are searching for an affordable and nice place to stay during this vacation season. I am busy researching for jasmine by takamine guitar at Musicians Friend. I miss  playing guitar and hope to be able to do so again. Hopefully and with prayers I can play guitar while having a vacation in a nice resort especially where we wanted to escape from the loud noises and smoke of fire crackers here in the Metro.

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