Oh My Gulay

A classic Vegan café/restaurant serving only the finest and freshest produce of Benguet, which says a lot since a huge amount of produce in our local marketplace and grocery actually comes from our friends from the North.

Oh my  Gulay Baguio– Full Article here

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  • Where is Kenny G?

    I remember the time when I got my very first CD player. It was a gift from my aunt working abroad. We used to live in a barangay almost 70 kilometers away from the capital of the province. With the limited number of CDs to play as no one was sellingit in our province (a CD album was quite expensive around this time), we only hadless than 10 CDs to play over and over again, and Kenny G.’s CD was one of them. I was inquiring how much are saxophones now whenever I remember Kenny G and and wonder how he is now.


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  • Home Studio

    I believe in  what Sarah Dessen of “Just Listen”  said about music  being “a great uniter and an incredible force”. There is something about people who differ on everything and anything else but still, they can have music as something in common.” For instance, my wife and I are in many ways different, especially with it comes to food, hobby and preferred movies. But then, we both love music. Although she loves classic and jazz while I don’t have any preferred genre but rather, it always depends on my mood. But we both love to sing and one of us wish is to have  our home recording studio with good audio interface that can record our music.

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  • Home Recording Studio

    I used to wonder what is the basic function  as to why there is a need for mopad in one’s recording room. Now I know how important it is because no matter how good the rest of your studio recording gear is, you won’t get accurate monitoring if the direct transfer of vibrations from your monitor to your furniture is coloring your sound. Expensive microphone and recorders are useless if you will not get the exact sound you want to record. Now I know.

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  • It is said that the Philippines tops the countries in Asia when it comes to the population of Christians, with more than 90 percent of the 100 million population belonging to this religious category. Given this, the Lenten season is one of the most celebrated holidays in the Philippines. Such practice dates back to the Hispanic period where this religious observance was strongly influenced upon the Filipinos. At this time, most people would stay in the house and stop working. Most of the companies would be shutting down even some broadcasting companies like TV and radio stations.

     Today, it seems that the Lenten season is also considered as the best day to go on vacation, attend parties have fun in resorts and beach houses. We would see some people packing their  arriba bags and head for the holidays.

     How much less the observance of the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which are commanded in the Bible? I can only hope they won’t be forgotten.

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  • Everyday New gadget

    I notice that there are new gadgets launched almost every month. With the new smart phone features, we now have smart glasses and watches. These are watches that can have the function of your smartphones. It is no wonder then that they will also incorporate smart features to your copper magnetic bracelet, pens or anything that you usually bring with you everyday. Hopefully this new discovery will be more of a help than a distraction.

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  • Home Recording

    With lots of people now on vacation mode, we are still busy finding ways on how to set up a home recording studio. It has been my wife’s dream to own a recording studio to record her musical renditions as well as some of the religious songs that she knows how to sing and play on the piano. Researching and canvasing in some music stores as well us on the internet like http://www.musiciansfriend.com/audio-interfaces/m-audio can hopefully result in best deals, less expensive and quality home recording studio.

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